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Conversion Writing Wizardry

It's where the rubber meets the road online. Highly effective conversion writing employs topnotch sales copy along with proven direct response techniques and a deep knowledge of what's converting on the web. It's where you make money and acquire new customers on the web.

Here are the 3 essential conversion writing projects where conversion writing wizardry can help your business.

1) Optin landing pages

Sometimes short copy with a good offer works best. Other times longer copy works better. One of the secrets is creating landing pages that convert is to test. That's why we recommend our Landing Page Lab for clients. Here's how it works.

Landing Page Lab Process

  1. We create copy and design for a landing page. At the same time we create an alternative with a different headline, subhead and first line or two.
  2. We monitor the results for each version and analyze the results. The winner landing page remains and the other one gets deleted.
  3. You then send traffic to the winning optin landing page. (smart companies continue to test other alternatives against the winners)

Fee: to come up with concepts, write and design a landing page generally runs between $795-$1400, depending on length (purchase of any stock photos is additional).

The first test will include setting up an alternative landing page with a different headline and subhead. There is no charge for this alternative page.

Landing pages with a video

We create landing pages with videos using images, titles, voiceover and music. If you want to do a face to camera video, we can write the script.

  • Fee for the video runs between $400 - $1,000, depending on length.

Call me at 888-65-09714 or write me at leon@altmancommunications.com

2) Sales Pages (the "Money Pages")

Sales pages (aka sales letters) are your "money pages." And if done right, they can mean lots of money for your business.

For information type products and high ticket events, long sales pages and sales letter videos work best. For services where you want the prospect to call or fill out a form shorter sales letters may work better.

Having top-notch sales pages done for you is your key investment to boost your web profits. It's like your virtual sales force bringing in the orders 24/7.

Short form sales pages can run between $1500 and $3,000+
Long form (10 to 30 pages can be $5,000 - $10,000+)

There is an additional fee for sales letter videos, which include the cost of production, voiceover, mixing editing and final file rendering.

If you're looking for sales pages and sales letter videos money page that make you more money and bring you more customers, call me at 888-65-09714 or write me at leon @ altmancopypro.com

3) Email Writing Wizardry

Email conversion copy can span the gamut from sales pages embedded in the body of an email, an intro on the email leading to the rest of the text on a web page, or a shorter promotion embedded in the email. For more on email services, click email writing wizardry.


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