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SEO copywriter writes web copy that boosts your  search engine ranking and persuades readers to take action

Business Writer High level SEO copywriting takes a bit of wizardry. You need to craft copy (based on precise keyword research)that attracts the search engines and at the same time engages and persuades readers to take the action you want.

Many in the business call me the Web Writing Wizard because of my track record of achieving this balance. It comes after a ton experience.
I'm an award winning copywriter who's  been writing  copy for over 25 years. First with top level agencies like BBDO, Young&Rubicam, Wunderman and DDB/Needham. Then as an independent copywriter and marketing consultant. 

SEO copywriting as well as full-blown SEO marketing services
I've been writing extensively for Internet businesses and services since the mid 1990's helping them get the response they need.  I got deeply involved in search engine optimization and even created a service dedicated to achieving top rankings for clients.  (We've been getting all sorts of businesses high up on google's natural search rankings. google).

Some examples:

  • "Top Travel Films"
    #1 out of 196,000,000 Results
  • "Financial Copywriter"
    #1 out of 1,250,000 Results
  • "Best Places To Eat In Chicago"
    #1 out of 55,600,000 Results
  • "Best Places To Eat In Seattle"
    #1 out of 26,500,000 Results
  • "Touring Europe by Car"
    #2 out of 4,910,000 Results
  • "Africa Trek"
    #5 out of 1,030,000 Results

The Process
My SEO copywriting work starts with strategy and understanding your business objectives. Then precise keyword research to find the buying terms work for your business (If you already know what phrases you  want to optimize that's fine too). Then I go about writing the pages you need.

If you want to go beyond just SEO copywriting and want to take advantage of my full SEO services - and get the backlinks you need to climb to the top, just ask.

Whether you're looking for an SEO copywriter or full-blown SEO marketing services, contact me today at:

or call me at 888-650-9714.



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