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Web Wizardry Writing Services

                         Get the kind of Business-building writing and copywriting that has
                               worked for IBM, Time Magazine, theStreet.com, Met Life,
                              as well as for many entrepreneurs and small businesses

My history of writing online salespages, sales letters and direct response packages that make lots of money for my clients stretches back 30 years. Clients have included Business Financial Publishing, theStreet.com, alibris.com, IBM, Citibank, Time Magazine, Apple, Autodesk, Novartis, Pfizer, PC World magazine, Met life, and many other clients big and small.

And in many cases, I've helping small clients get very big. Like Gordon Holmes, publisher of an investment publication I helped launch and then build. As Holmes says, the marketing that built his first publishing empire depended on the direct response campaigns I created. In a few short years he was able to sell his publication for many $millions, and open his own boutique winery in Sonoma California.

For case studies and samples of the work I've done for clients, take a look at some of my samples
Check the writing services below to see which match your needs.

Writing your Sales Pages (the "Money Pages")

Sales pages (Also called a sales letter or a long-form landing page) - this where you make your money. And if done right - lots of money. Sometimes the letter leads directly to the order page - sometimes in the case of certain membership or subscription sites, it leads to a trial offer.

The bottom line is getting the response rates (converting propects to sales) that build business. I have a history of boosting response rates for businesses of all sizes. As Lee Campbell, the Marketing Director of Business Financial Publishing (publisher of numerous online premium newsletters), notes"

Leon's copywriting assignment beat our long-standing control piece by 444% right out the gate. His understanding of our target audience, insights on what makes great copy, and ability to turn around the project on-time have me coming back for more. Do yourself a favor, hire him today (unless of course, you're one of my competitors)."

Having a top-notch salespage done for you is your key investment in boosting your web profits. Getting a high-performing sales letter written for you is not cheap, until you realize it's like your virtual sales force bringing in the orders 24/7.

Fee for a long-form sales page (order page included)
Depends on the assignment the industry, the number of pages and research involved.
$7000 - $10,000+

If you're looking for money page that makes you more money, call me at 888-65-09714 or write me at leon@altmancopypro.com

-html emails that open up into long form sales pages are the same fee as a salespage above)

-Autoresponder series
Follow-up emails are critical for increasing your conversions to sales. A percentage of your sales will generally come during the follow-up process. Follow up emails keep building trust between you and the prospect, offering more information, and more reasons to buy. The Emails link to your sales page.

Up to 8 followup emails $3,000

call me at 888-65-09714 or write me at leon@altmancopypro.com


Lead Capture Pages/ Short Form Landing pages

Generally a Lead capture (or opt-in page or squeeze page) is fairly short so it needs to pack a powerful punch to induce people to offer their contact information. The length depends on the offer and what ad, link or presell page preceded the opt-in page. My opt-in pages are noted for getting more prospects, and more qualified prospects to sign up. I talk about one of the technqiues I developed in my articl on squeezing more out of your squeeze page

$1,500 - $3,000

call me at 888-65-09714 or write me at leon@altmancopypro.com


SEO Web Content Writing

Key Web pages
This is for the key web pages of your website, such as your Home page, About Page, Product Description Pages, Services Description Pages, FAQs. Some of them become your landing page.

I write these pages with two objectives in mind:

First: These pages must address your target audience, get them engaged, achieve their objective (e.g.click on links or tabs), and move them toward a desired action - newsletter sign up, membership trial, salespage, etc.

Second: They must be optimized for the search engines. Each page needs to focus on the desired keywords. They must achieve a certain level of keyword density and keywords need to be in optimum positions on the page. Metatags will also be written to attract search engines.

Up to 5 Pages- $4,000-$6,000

call me at 888-65-09714 or write me at leon@altmancopypro.com


Press Release Writing and Distribution

Instead of hit or miss press releases, you get a strategic online press release designed to both attract your target audience and the media, as well as build important backlinks. My press releases have resulted in increased media attention for my clients.

"When we needed strong reuslts for our clients - L.A. Angels baseball team and El Torito Restuaratnhts, we turned to Leon Altman, the Web Writing Wizard. Sure enough his online press release resuted in a front page stroy for our clients in the leading industry trade pub. The editor specifically said that it was the press release that attracted his attnetion.

-Tony Garzio, founder Belacoso Communications, Los Angeles, CA


Send me an email with the following information

1)Your name, title, company and emailI

1) What should the press release be about (be as specific as possible, include dates, places, etc.)
2) One or two quotes from any people who should be mentioned in the press release - include titles
3)Include any background information about the company, product, service or person (urls where I can research this information)
4)Include the url where you want readers of the press release to go.
5)Include the date you'd like the press release to be released (must be at least a week in advance of when the project starts)

I will send you an email confirming receipt of the info and a link for payment. Once payment is received work will begin.

Send your press release equest to release@webwritingwizardry.com


-You will reveive a draft of each release before it is distributed. Releases are distributed through PRWeb. Distribution fee is additional depending on the PRWeb service you choose. (Basic is $80).

Fees: $500 for the press release
Distribution (through PRWeb) $100



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