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Make Your Website More Profitable
With a Web Writing Video Review

Get a website writing video review before
you spend time and money on your next campaign

For business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing directors, and creative directors

Since the largest factor in the success of your website comes down to the writing (sales pages, lead capture pages, home pages, press releases, web content – even scripts for audio and video), it makes sense that the best way to insure the success of your web business is to make sure the writing is as effective as it should be.

But how do you know without spending a fortune on high-level copywriters? Or driving yourself crazy trying to be a good copywriter?.....

Confidential video analysis produced just for you
I’ll analyze your web pages in a confidential video you and give you recommendations on how to make the writing on your web pages more effective..

In my 30 years as a copywriter and creative director at top agencies and companies, focusing on the web for the past 14 years, I’ve written, guided and edited many successful online campaigns and websites, and helped many others boost their ROI..

You get the benefit of all that experience and expertise in the web writing video review I will create for you.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, marketing director or creative director - every online campaign means a lot to you. Make sure your web pages are set to get all the business they can – with a Web Writing Video Review.

Video Reviews include a detailed analysis of your web pages

  • You will find out where your web writing needs to be stronger…and how to make them more effective so you capture more qualified leads and sell more of your products and services.

  • And how to better structure your pre-sell pages to engage prospects and earn their trust, as well as structural changes and small tweaks on your sales pages that can triple your response rates.

The writing on key web pages as well as your press releases and articles can spell success or failure for your business. Here are some of the pages you might want to go over in your video review:

Sales pages (the biggie) Order pages
Home Page Product pages
Services Pages Opt-in pages
Bio About
Pre-sell pages emails
Articles and press releases Blog posts

For instance you might choose one of your sales pages for the Video Review

  • I'll examine your all-important headline (pre-head, headline, main subhead). It has to attract the right kind of attention and  motivate people to keep reading. I'll talk about how it can be improved.
  • Then I'll go over your lead (first 500 words) If your reader loses interest or is confused at any point from the headline through the lead -  YOU'VE LOST THAT PROSPECT.

It's critical from the headline through the lead to both capture the attention of your prospects and engage them emotionally. . . .

…I'll show you how to press emotional hot buttons early on so your prospects want to buy…

…and how to seed credibility into your first 200 words, so your prospect is willing to buy.

I'll tell you if you have a big idea. The big idea is the key to standing out from your competitors (often it is buried in the copy)

Does your copy  engage the reader? If not, we'll see where we can add some electricity to your words.

Does the copy flow? Is there an inevitable logic to it  leading to the sale? If not, I'll show you where and how to make it flow better.

I'll show you how to add drama, tension, curiosity to your copy bullets

I'll check to see if your call to action is strong enough (put it too early and you've lost the sale. Put it too late, and your reader might never get to it).

Encountering resistance to your high priced products and services? I'll show you the secrets to overcoming it and selling more high priced products and services than you thought possible.

You might want to go over your home page. . . .

There are different types of home pages - and I'll check to see if you are using the right one for your purposes. Here are some of the things I'll go in your Review:

  • How to make sure your value proposition  is clear on your home page
    (so many fail to do this and lose potential customers forever).

  • Do you demonstrate enough credibility?
    (it's important to establish this on your home page).  I'll show you how.

  • Do you make the reader want to click on links to key pages on your website?
    I'll show you how to entice the reader to want to find out more. Plus surefire ways to compel readers to click and go to other pages on your website.

You might want to go over your opt-in page

  • Is it compelling enough to attract sign-ups?
    If not, I'll show you proven techniques to make opt-ing in irresistible.

  • I'll examine your offer
    (I'll bet it could be stronger)

  • You should only write a few copy bullets for your opt-in page
    I'll show you how to make each one count and boost your opt-in rate

What about your landing pages?

I'll analyze your landing pages and see where they can be improved.

For instance, the landing pages for your pay per click campaigns. Get them  wrong and you've wasted your money on your pay per click campaign because your conversion will be too low.

I'll show you proven landing page conversion techniques to make sales soar…and what you need to do to make sure your landing page is aligned with the ad or page that preceded it.

What if you're selling services?

So many people get this wrong and lose out on clients they could attract.  For most service businesses, hard-sell techniques will drive away prospects. But being too soft won't work either.

I'll make sure your  tone is right. And show you how to inject a unique selling proposition so your services stand out from your competitors.

The pages I cover in your Video Review are up to you

And time permitting I'll cover as much as possible (if you like the session, you can sign up for more).

Often one of my Video reviews is enough to transform your website so you get the sales and profits you are looking for.

But instead of paying thousands of dollars or more for a  consultation on your web business, you invest only 

What is a session like?

To give you some idea of the kind of rigorous analysis and recommendations I provide, take a look as I analyze a sales page and a press release in these videos.

Click image to view video

Click to view video (4 parts - total time about 30 minutes)

Here is part of a review of an online press release

Click for video review

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Video Review

So how much is a 1 hour web writing video review? Just for comparisons sake - typically my fee to write a long-form sales letter is between $6,000 and $10,000 .... and sometimes I collect royalties on top of that. To write a few key pages of a website (non-salespages) can be around $4,000.

But a 1 hour video review where you get that same level of expertise (only I don't write it for you) is only $595.

And right now, I am offering a special $200 discount off the fee so you can get a full review for just $395. (Note: The discount is only good for a limited time....In addition, I can only fit in a limited number of video reviews in my schedule. So once the alotted times are filled - I can no longer book video reviews.)


Just click the Get Started button below, then fill out the form with information about your website.

  • Once I receive your email, I'll check the schedule. If I can produce your video within the following 2 weeks I'll send you an email with a link for payment.
  • Once payment is received I'lI send you a confirmation email. I then reserve time to analyze your pages and produce your video review.

  • Once completed I will post your video review on a private webpage and email you the url so you have private access to your video. (You can also have the video files so you can keep them and upload the video wherever you want. )

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Leon Altman
Web Writing Wizard


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