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Email Writing Wizardry

It's still the most profitable online marketing tactic of all (if it's done right)

With new social media tools and exploding technology options, email marketing doesn't get much respect. Except when businesses check their stats and they see how much of the new customers, profits and revenue come from email. For most businesses, email dwarfs other tactics.

Email writing wizardry is the service that writes the kinds of emails that engages your prospect, nurtures relationships, and drives prpects to the sale at the right time and the right place.

While there are many different kinds of email, I divide email into 3 main categories. We make sure each delivers the punch you need for your businesses:

1) email newsletters
An email newsletter is the best lead nurturer there is. An ongoing newsletter enables you to stay in touch with propects, point out products and services, and moves prospects closer to the sale.

2) autoresponder (drip campaigns)
Autoresponder sequences are the most versatile and probably the most powerful email tool of all. A good autoresponder helps build your relationship with the propct and then delivers the call to action in the rifght time and the right place. A well mapped out sequence will get you more sales than just about anything else.

3) email sales broadcasts
Here you flat out ask for the order. It's essentially a sales letter or a promotion formatted for email. Can be a short intro that leads to a blog post or sales page. Or a sales letter can be built right into the email.

Contact me if you want to put email wizardry to work for your business.

Call Leon altman at 888-650-9714 or write to leon AT altmancommunications.com


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