Make the Content You Create Much More Valuable

Content can be the key to growing your business…or…it can be a waste of time and money.

It all depends on whether your content sticks and makes an impact with your prospects

One of the best ways to do this is to repurpose your content

Repurposing will increase the stickiness and impact so you get more value out of your content

Here are some keys to smart repurposing:

Take a core piece of content, then edit or change it for different media, and different audiences, etc. Each of these new versions provides you with a new marketing opportunity.

People consume content in different ways so your videos appeal to someone who likes videos and your article might appeal to someone who likes text. So you will be expanding your audience.

Does that mean some people will see multiple versions of the core content?

Yes. And that’s good. They will be getting the same message but in different formats so it seems fresh. And repetition is key to creating content that sticks and inspires people to take action.

So Here Are Some Tips On How To Repurpose The Smart Way

An important question to answer is what is easiest for you to do? Some find video easiest to do, others prefer audio and others like writing best. That should be the core content you create.

Then like a buffet you create many different portions out of that core content.

Here’s an example. Start off by writing a special report.

Having created many special reports I’ve seen that generally you can chop up a report into at least 3 articles and blog posts.

Look at different sections of your report.

You may need flesh out the sections and add different headlines to make a complete articles out of each section. But that’s still not a lot of additional work.

You can also revise and repurpose each article for a different segment of your audience.

Let’s say one of your articles is about asset allocation.

You can easily write different articles on the topic for different audiences. One can be asset allocation for seniors, another for boomers, another for millennial, etc.

Editing is the core skill for effective repurposing

With a little more editing each of the articles can generally be made into a script for a short content video. Videos that you can share on different social media platforms.

You can also easily turn those videos and articles into audios and short podcast episodes. Or you can take the original special report and use it as the basis for a script for a teleseminar or webinar.

Be smart and plan this out before you do the first core piece. Then you can see all the repurposing possibilties.

Once you get a taste smart editing and repurposing you’ll get much more marketing value out of your content.

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