Make the Content You Create Much More Valuable

Content can be the key to growing your business…or…it can be a waste of time and money. It all depends on whether your content sticks and makes an impact with your prospects One of the best ways to do this is to repurpose your content Repurposing will increase the stickiness and impact so you get…

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Use the “Prediction” Headline template to become the Nostradamus of Your Niche

With the Prediction – or Prognosticator- Headline, you can become the Nostradamus of your Niche, and assume power, authority and leadership status. The big benefit to the audience is that they can prepare for a future event, either prevent something disastrous or take advantage of what will happen. The benefit to you is that people…

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You Need to Be the Copy Chief Of Your Business and Brand

If you’re a business owner, coach or consultant you need to be your own copy chief. It’s up to you to approve or reject copy – whether you write it or freelancer does. And if you include both sales copy and content copy in the mix- that’s a lot of copy! So what do you…

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